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No more unread emails. Reach out to prospects on every channel and automate your sales workflows. All in one app.

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Marketing, reimagined.

Say goodbye to inefficient and ineffective sales workflows that result
in low productivity, poor conversion rates, and missed opportunities.

How Does It Work?


Fireopps Meetings

Transcribe, summarize, and extract insights from all your team's meetings in a blink of an eye.

Multichannel outreach

Boost your booked meetings by up to 3 times by reaching prospects on every channel.

Say Hi To Fireopps AI

Create personalized campaigns, analyze meetings, and find gaps in your marketing in less than a second.

Work as one

Don't waste time on scattered coordination and manual processes. Fireopps is created to be the only app sales and marketing teams will ever need.

So many deals!
So little time

Fireopps is created from the ground up to help you close more deals in less time.

Intelligent Analytics

know what's working and what's not

There's nothing more frustrating than investing the time and effort into crafting personalized messages only to receive minimal or no replies. Well, not with Fireopps.

Team activities

help your team hit their numbers every time!

  • Team Collaboration
  • Intelligent analytics with insights to find gaps in your marketing
  • Transcribe, summarize, and analyze all your meetings.

Personalization beyond first name

Effortlessly create unlimited personalization variables to make your campaigns unique for every single prospect.

We have more.

Fireopps has even more features that will take your sales and marketing numbers to the moon 🚀


Read and reply to all your emails from a single page.

Intelligent analytics

Know what's working and what's not using Fireopps's intelligent analytics system powered by AI.

Light / dark mode

Easily switch between light and dark mode.

Team collaboration

Chat with your team mates and comment on their posts and updates without leaving Fireopps.

Seamless Integration

Fireopps seamlessly integrates with your favorite CRM and automation tools.

Unlimited accounts

Add as much email accounts as you need without paying an extra dime.

Questions? Answers.

Fireopps is an all-in-one marketing platform for agencies and B2B businesses. It's a multichannel outreach platform that lets you get in touch with your prospects through emails, LinkedIn, Twitter, SMS, and Calls. It comes with AI tools that lets you find gaps in your campaigns to make your marketing 3 times more effective.

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Most outreach tools eaither offer a single outreach channel (like cold email for example), or they charge extra for every new sending account, or they have a limited number of features. We don't do that. Fireopps is solving the problem of inefficient and ineffective sales workflows that result in low productivity, poor conversion rates, and missed opportunities. It helps sales teams create and close more pipeline by automating and optimizing their sales workflows, saving them time and increasing their productivity. Fireopps also provides real-time intelligence, machine learning insights, and deal management solutions that help sales teams deliver a more responsive and personalized buyer experience and close more deals faster.

FIreopps Meetings is a feature included in the app that lets you record your meetings with your prospects, transcribe them automatically, create summaries, and find gaps in your conversation with the prospect to improve your sales team skills and learn from every meeting..

Multichannel outreach is the ability to contact prospects through more than one channel. So instead of reaching to prospects only through cold emails, you can reach out to them through SMS, calls, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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